Experience 5G with YOFC | YOFC Underlines its Open and Smart Profile at MWC Shanghai 2021

On February 23, the world-class mobile communications event — Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2021 (MWC Shanghai 2021) returned at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre after being interrupted for a year. On the occasion, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (‘YOFC’, stock code: 601869.SH, 06869.HK) made its global debut for the year with the theme ‘Experience 5G with YOFC’. The company showcased its products, solutions, and comprehensive technology and service capabilities with a focus on 5G, technological innovation, smart industry, smart city, smart transportation, smart ocean, smart home, smart power energy, smart data among many others. YOFC also presented a technical webinar for the international market, where it introduced its optical fibres, optical modules, as well as solutions for rail transit and submarine communications.

At the webinar, CRU analyst Mr. Michael Finch was invited to share his insights into optical fibre industry trends. He reviewed the developments in major regional markets, highlighting the driving factors for FTTx and 5G consumption. In his view, the demand for stable, large-capacity broadband networks, supported by optical fibres, is becoming more prominent than ever, and governments around the world are also raising their goals for FTTH. However, global consumption of FTTH is declining from its peak in 2017, which makes 5G a key driving factor. In particular, the construction of stand-alone 5G networks requires more fibres and corresponding new infrastructure. Mr. Finch believes that from 2021, 5G is expected to have a more profound impact on global optical cable consumption.

Mr. Raadjkoemar Matai, YOFC Chief Scientist for Fibre, gave a detailed introduction to YOFC’s new optical fibres for 5G networks. He said, the ever-expanding data traffic in the 5G era is putting increasing pressure on the data transmission and bandwidth of bearer networks, and the transmission rate of backbone networks will continue to upgrade from 100G to 200G/400G and even higher. Therefore, developing optical fibres and cables supporting 200G/400G systems in advance is laying the foundation for building high-speed information networks. YOFC’s G.654.E optical fibre, featuring lower loss ratio and larger effective area, has been successfully applied in many trunk line projects launched by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, and state grid projects as well. It has also passed the 400G test on existing networks and can meet network requirements in the next 10 to 20 years.

Thus, it is seen an optimal optical fibre/cable solution aligned with requirements for network bandwidth after 5G is commercially available. At the same time, YOFC is also pleased to present BILL(R) fibre, designed to alleviate the shortage of pipeline resources in 5G deployment, enable low attenuation in MAN, and address transmission tunnel loss and rate reduction due to frequent fibre tail bending. Boasting lower loss ratio, better bending resistance, and smaller size, the fibre can not only optimize the use of pipeline space, but also ensure high-speed transmission for long waves/signals and its stability through improved bending performance.

Targeting the core needs and pain points of customers, YOFC shared its industry-leading products and solutions in the sectors of railway communications, data centers, and submarine communications, including 5G broadband radiation-mode leaky coaxial cables, a full range of optical modules, and submarine cables, among other cutting-edge offerings.

Besides the webinar, YOFC held the X-Band Optical Fibre Brand Press Launch on February 24. By gathering YOFC’s full-scenario lineup of X-Band optical fibres from access networks to backbone networks, and from land to ocean, the company highlighted the range’s unmistakable value – high performance, high quality, and wide connection. With a strong brand image and superior products, YOFC is committed to building stable, robust, and efficient optical networks.

Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (also known as ‘YOFC’) was established in Wuhan, Hubei Province in May 1988. It is a technologically innovative enterprise and a global leading supplier, which specializes in designing and manufacturing optical fibre preforms, optical fibres and optical fibre cables, as well as providing integrated solutions and services to its customers. YOFC mainly produces and sells different types of optical fibre preforms, optical fibres and optical fibre cables that are widely applied in the telecommunications industry, customized optical modules, specialty optical fibres, active optical cables, submarine cables, RF coaxial cables and accessories, etc. YOFC is also equipped with some solutions and services such as system integration and communication engineering design. Providing a variety of different products and solutions for world’s telecommunications industry and other industries such as Public Utility, Transportation, Oil & Chemistry and Medication. YOFC has offered its products and services to over 70 countries and regions around the world.


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Caption: YOFC Underlines its Open and Smart Profile at MWC Shanghai 2021

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