XP-PEN Rebrands and Launches New Series, Deco Fun

XP-PEN, the well-known pen tablet and pen display provider, is working on its rebranding with Siegel+Gale, the leading brand strategy, design and experience consultancy, in April 2021. Siegel+Gale is part of the NYSE-listed Omnicom Group, the world’s largest integrated communications group. It employs more than 75,000 people worldwide and serves 5,000+ brands in more than 100 countries and regions, its agencies have long been recognized as some of the world’s most creative advertising and branding agencies. With more than 50 years of experience, Siegel+Gale, as a leading brand consultancy under Omnicom, has helped many world-renowned brands in consumer electronics, internet, and technology industries. Their clients include Google, Adobe, Microsoft, AMD, HP, SAP and more. The cooperation for XP-PEN brand’s rebranding between XP-PEN and Siegel+Gale aims to develop an aspirational brand in the global pen tablet and pen display industry.

The newly launched Deco Fun is tailored for users in multi-scenarios: online learning, remote meetings, playing games, and drawing.

Using the Deco Fun pen tablet for remote learning allows both students and teachers to share thoughts and ideas in real-time. With infinite brushes and colors, and patterns options, allows users to create and share tutorials and presentations effortlessly. In remote meetings, Deco Fun allows users to express important points more effectively by writing or sketching on the shared content with graphs and comments. Users can even use Deco Fun to quickly sign documents digitally. Using Deco Fun to play OSU! could follow the rhythm better and hit the rankings. The quick response helps users exceed the level of players with a mouse.

Deco Fun is compatible with Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and supports Microsoft Office, Zoom, Skype, Adobe, Photoshop, SAI, and more. It’s available in three sizes and four colors, to meet users personal preference and needs.

The Deco Fun series will be available on Amazon.com and other XP-PEN authorized partners in April.

Artist Pro 16 TP, XP-PEN partnered with the well-known Artist SHAN JIANG who has cooperated with notable world-class brands. This pen display features a perfect combination of multi-touch control and a 4K high-resolution screen, bringing a natural experience with multiple advanced technologies and will launch soon.

XP-PEN, through its collaboration with Siegel+Gale, the global leading brand consultancy, will deliver a new image to its consumers with its series of products and services, embodying its brand belief ‘Dream -Brave -True’, to be an aspirational brand in the pen tablets and pen display industry.

About XP-PEN:

XP-PEN is an internationally renowned brand specializing in the production, R&D and sales of pen tablets, pen display and stylus pens. Our team is committed to endless innovation with the goal of bringing every artist into the digital era with tools and technology to suit their individual needs.

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Caption – XP-PEN and Siegel+Gale’s cooperation aims to build the future of brand together

Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest