Start the year on Tinder Explore and #MatchYourVibe with someone new in 2022

Missed out on Dating Sunday, one of the ‘busiest swiping days’ of the year (afterall, it does fall very early in the year, on the first Sunday in January which means this year, it fell on 2 January 2022)? With the tradition of setting goals for the new year, and people being open to trying something new, we see members swiping, and chatting, and super liking on Dating Sunday and beyond. This year, kick-start your journey in connecting with someone who shares your vibes on Tinder Explore.

Gen Z is a generation of daters who know what they are looking for. Mentions of “Spec” (สเป็ก) increased by 42%* as young Thais shared their preferences for what they are looking for and choices for the most ideal dates authentically and transparently in their Tinder bios. And through 2022 and beyond, Gen Z members in Thailand will be able to find someone their kinda vibe through Tinder’s Explore, the hottest new venue in the world’s most popular app for meeting new people.Launched globally in October 2021, Tinder’s Explore allows members to navigate potential connections through Interests, making it the perfect way for Gen Z to match with what makes them vibe.

In Explore, Gen Z members can have more control over who they vibe and match with: members can find a snack in Foodies, someone on their level in Gamers, or a partner to split their headphones with in Music Lovers. Whether they’re looking to find a match to march with in Social Causes or to complete their power couple in Entrepreneurs, Explore will provide members the ability to direct their matching experience themselves. New interests will launch on a regular basis so members can find someone new for whatever they’re into.

To ensure singletons are all set for dating 2022, Tinder is sharing its top 3 tips:

  • 3/5/11 – Share at least 3 Passions/ Interests (make sure they are updated to what you are currently vibin’ to), add at least 5 pictures/ videos, and write at least 11 words in your bio!
  • Be honest and authentic – Gen Z are in touch with their feelings so stay true to your authentic self in your bio and chats, and show potential daters the real you.
  • Digital first, IRL second – Before meeting in IRL, why not video chat first. Take a moment to get to know your match before you plunge into that New Year in person date.

*Based on Tinder bio data December 2020 vs. December 2021

Source: PR Room