“InsightEra” brings comprehensive ‘MarTech’ solutions to enhance growth potential for Thai businesses in digital marketing era; targeted 100% growth this year

InsightEra Company Limited, a provider of integrated digital marketing technology (or MarTech) and one of the Tech spin-offs under the G-Able Group, announces successful operating result in 2021 with double growth compared to the previous year. By introducing speed, accurate, and versatile marketing solutions that meet business needs from end to end, the company has been trusted by businesses in a variety of industries, resulted in continuous growth. InsightEra is now ready to take a step further to enhance growth potential for Thai businesses to be more competitive in the digital marketing era by expanding its customer base and working with new partners to drive sales to grow by 100% at the end of 2022.

Ms. Nareerat Saetiew, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of InsightEra Co., Ltd., said, “MarTech services are clearly growing judging from online data collection and analysis with DOM, a social listening tool which is one of InsightEra’s MarTech solutions. In the first quarter this year, MarTech was being interested and discussed for more than 5,000 times and received more than 140,000 engagements which was almost double compared to the year prior. The focus of attention was the chatbots, followed by social listening and CRM. This is consistent with a global survey on marketing budget of businesses around the world conducted by Gartner which found that over 70% of marketing budgets are allocated to digital channels. And more than 26% of marketing budgets are invested in MarTech to enhance their marketing potential to be more efficient. These are the trends suggesting that InsightEra, a fully integrated MarTech provider, has great potential to grow.”

Dr. Chaiyuth Chunnahacha, Chief Executive Officer of G-Able Group, said, “The world of marketing is changing as fast as the world of technology. Therefore, using technology to help in marketing is something that brands, marketers and every business should not be underestimated to effectively catch up the ever-changing consumer behavior. MarTech combines data, technology and marketing strategy. And when you combine all three together, it creates a new marketing solution that can be managed, planned, analyzed, and integrated as well as being able to measure the market in a way that is easier, faster and more efficient. In addition to seeing the trends and growth opportunities of the MarTech business, G-able Group also recognizes the importance of a team of young generations that drive business forward and develop new products to the market. This is a good explanation why InsightEra is growing extensively, and G-Able Group is ready to support them.”

The uniqueness of InsightEra lies in its ability to respond to customer needs in ways that traditional marketing cannot especially in terms of speed and accuracy that help businesses to adapt, compete and grow steadily in this fast-changing era. The fact that the company’s solutions were developed by Thais who genuinely understand Thai marketing context makes it work more efficient and better meet the needs of businesses. InsightEra has worked for customers in many industries from finance and banking, insurance, and automobile to education as well as government agencies. InsightEra also has major global agencies as key partners that recognize the importance of MarTech and use insight data to help present their work and forecast market direction in a way that is better than before, resulting in how they better understand and reach more customers. This is the result of InsightEra’s MarTech solutions which increase potential in terms of strategic planning for target audiences and create effective and sustainable growth.

InsightEra offers a wide range of solutions to meet every business end-to-end. The solutions are divided into 4 categories as follows:

  1. Planning Solutions – a 360-degree accurate data analysis through real-time social research services that cover all aspects of business including customers, competitors and market information.
  2. Operating Solutions – enhance customer feedback effectively with social management service that help manage customers in all channels with a customer care assistant 24 hours a day.
  3. Analytic Solutions – systematic data management with in-depth analytics through social data & analytic service that takes care of everything from collecting customer data, management data analysis to marketing.
  4. Campaign Solutions – create outstanding marketing campaigns to accelerate sales growth through social campaign service that reaches real customers with advanced technology and accurate result measurement.

“With MarTech solutions that are fully integrated and able to meet customers’ business needs quickly and accurately, this has brought a growth of more than double in terms of sales last year while our revenue for the first quarter of 2022 grew more than 70% compared to the same period in the year before. This year we also forecast a growth of 100% through our strategy of expanding customer base into new industries, especially in high-growth businesses that require greater understanding of consumer behavior and needs. We also want to work with new partners to help strategize and apply marketing technology in order to strengthen their businesses to be able to compete in the rapidly changing marketing world,” added Ms. Nareerat.

For those who are interested in learning and experiencing more about MarTech solutions to enhance potential for your business, you can find more information at https://www.InsightEra.co.th/ or https://www.facebook.com/InsightEraTH /

Source: Ogilvy Thailand