LINE reinforces its leading position in digital platform for business and lifestyle for Thais, collaborating with “Moh Prompt”

LINE reinforces its leading position in digital platform for business and lifestyle for Thais, collaborating with Minister of Public Health to further develop “Moh Prompt” to become Thailand’s Digital Health Platform

LINE, the leading digital platform in Thailand, collaborate with the Ministry of Public Health to promote technology in public health system by developing “Moh Prompt” to become the main Digital Health Platform for Thais. 12 new features have been added to enhance its service which will be ready for public to use in August on “Moh Prompt” application and in September on “Moh Prompt” LINE OA.

Ministry of Public Health announced to drive Thailand public health to the digital era. It upgrades Moh Prompt, the application offered services related to COVID-19 and its vaccinations, to be the digital health platform for Thai people, aiming to provide greater convenience, allowing them to gain improved access to health-related services.  As of now, more than 32 million users have signed up for the Moh Prompt application. It links health-related data of the general public to more than 15,000 medical service units at all levels and establishments across Thailand, including public and private hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

LINE, the leading digital platform with more than 53 million Thai users, has been the important partner with the Minister of Public Health in further developing “Moh Prompt” through LINE Official Account (LINE OA) to become Thailand’s “Digital Health Platform which connect database and services directly to Thai users’ mobile phone, providing great convenience for all Thais and improving access to health-related services. “Moh Prompt” LINE OA will enhance efficiency of all related units, reduce congestion at hospitals and waiting time of patients. It is also expected to be a powerful communications channel to a large number of people in the timely manner.

With the aim of elevating quality of life for all Thais, recently “Moh Prompt” has included 12 new features include linkage of treatment history, digital medical certificate, health pass service, telemedicine, medical benefit checking service and online payment. The features will be gradually launched via Moh Prompt application in August and Moh Prompt LINE OA in September.

“LINE is more than ready to offer our powerful tool “LINE OA” to further enhance “Moh Prompt” features whose accessibility will greatly be expanded. It is expected that this collaboration will be a key to create a strong, effective, and complete “Digital Health Platform” for all Thais in the digital era,” concluded Littichai Wanithanont, Head of Corporate Business – Government, Automotive & Energy Industry, LINE Thailand.

Government agencies who are interested in using LINE OA, Please contact [email protected] for inquiries.

Source: Idea Works Communications