Thetan Rivals, A Thetan Arena Successor, Is Entering Open Beta

The open beta stage will begin from 30th September before the game is officially introduced to the masses.

Thetan Rivals is an upcoming casual game in the battle royale genre developed by Wolffun Game, the studio behind the Play-to-Earn game titled Thetan Arena. The open beta will be available on 30th September before the game is launched to global public at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

The brand-new project will deliver a different gaming experience to the current playerbase of Thetan Arena and the global gamers. PC users can access it via a launcher, which can be downloaded on the Thetan Arena website. The open beta will also be released on Google Play for Android users and TestFlight for iOS users.

If the enjoyment of Thetan Arena comes from joining some of the toughest battles that require teamwork, choosing the right heroes and strategies, then the thrill of soloing against other players and overcoming a bunch of obstacles to become the ultimate winner is the centrepiece of Thetan Rivals‘ gameplay. The characters in Thetan Rivals will be the mini version of the heroes in Thetan Arena and named Thenions, giving the former its own identity yet maintaining the challenging element that has been the core of the latter.

All players will participate in several game modes that come with different challenges on different maps. Each map is beautifully decorated with various objects in palette colours, which may look pleasant to the eyes, yet they are the obstacles players have to face in every challenge. Players have to overcome these obstacles and complete the main objective, which can be jumping over the gaps, racing to the finishing line, passing the bomb to another player, and plenty more, depending on the challenge.

“As a casual game, Thetan Rivals will provide a more accessible experience to everybody, thus creating a very public-friendly environment for those with a gaming passion. Thetan Rivals is also representative of the first step in the expansion of the Thetan World, which includes the game itself, Thetan Arena and more projects down the line,” said Nguyen Dinh Khanh – CEO of Wolffun Game.

As Thetan Arena has been attracting millions of players around the world, Thetan Rivals will contribute to the utilization of the THG token and strengthen its value, promising the whole community lots of benefits in the future. Both the playerbase of Thetan Arena and newcomers to both games are welcome to join the journey that is never short of excitement.

About Thetan Rivals

Thetan Rivals is a battle royale game where players will participate in several challenges where their main objective is to be the last man standing. Aiming at a gaming experience for both casual and hardcore gamers, the global public is welcome to join in the fun to level up their gaming skills like never before and start exploring the massive world of GameFi.


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