Successful Completion of Global CBT for MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond!

  • High participation in global CBT for MIR M in the Philippines and Brazil
  • Feedback from CBT to be thoroughly addressed, pre-registration underway in 170 countries

The CBT for the global version of MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (hereinafter MIR M), the blockbuster mobile MMORPG by Wemade was completed successfully.

As a new Legend of Mir IP-based game that has incorporated modern interpretation of The Legend of Mir 2, MIR M is a sequel to MIR4 that led the P&E (Play and Earn) boom around the world.

Wemade has conducted a server CBT in Asia and South America from December 8 to 11. Both servers reached max capacity, and gamers from the Philippines and Brazil were especially enthusiastic.

More than 3,500 queues were recorded in the Asian server, which raised expectations for the official service.

MIR M will be officially launching in 170 countries globally. The feedback received from the CBT participants will be thoroughly addressed in preparing for the official service. Pre-registration is currently available for MIR M.


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About Wemade

Wemade is a pioneer in game development from Korea. Their focus is ever-shifting towards metaverse and blockchain (NFT, DeFi) technology with an emphasis on personalizing the gaming experience. Wemade strives to transform everyday games with blockchain technology and establish its WEMIX as a key currency in the gaming industry.

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Caption – Mir M successfully completes Global CBT

Source:  PRNewswire/InfoQuest