Huawei Thailand Hosts the ‘Huawei Thailand Supplier Convention 2023’, Recognizing Local Suppliers for their Outstanding Achievements

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recently hosted the ‘Huawei Thailand Supplier Convention 2023’, Huawei’s recognition program and awards ceremony to honor its local suppliers and partners in Thailand for their outstanding achievements in 2023. The convention was held on 24 November at The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok, under the theme ‘Build a strong supplier ecosystem, Grow together, Win future’, underscoring Huawei’s commitment towards empowering its local partners in line with Huawei’s mission to ‘Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand’. The convention was attended by Huawei executives and local partners as well as representatives from the Ministry of Labor.

The awards were divided into six categories, including the gold supplier award, excellent delivery award, excellent quality award, best collaboration award, excellent EHS practice award, and excellent team leader award. Suppliers were assessed on their various successes throughout the year, as well as on factors related to their business integrity and competitiveness. In total, 69 prizes were awarded to local suppliers, consisting of 49 prizes awarded to organizations and 20 prizes to outstanding team leaders.

Mr. David Li, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. shared Huawei’s thoughts in his opening speech: “Over the past three years, Huawei’s procurement requirements have continuously increased both in scale and quality. As a result, Huawei has created a strong supplier ecosystem that is built on trust and transparency. At Huawei, we firmly believe that only when our partners succeed can Huawei succeed. We seek to help all our suppliers and partners realize their full potential and seize the opportunities that await in Thailand’s digital future. Together we can create increased value for our customers and achieve greater business success.”

Mr. Sittichai Sudsawat, Director of the Planning and Information Division at the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor, delivered a speech named ‘Strengthening the Supplier Ecosystem’ at the event: “In this era of rapid technological advancements, all parties within the supplier ecosystem need to work together to promote Thailand’s ongoing digital development. In this regard, the Ministry of Labor’s commitments align closely with Huawei’s as we both strive to strengthen Thailand’s workforce and supply chains to keep up with evolving demands. Through its mutually beneficial partnerships and award program initiatives, Huawei stands out as a global company that is supporting local companies and individuals at the ground level.”

In addition to recognizing local suppliers and partners for their achievements, the convention also served as a knowledge exchange where Huawei shared key information on business plans, strategies, and best practices, creating an open and informative atmosphere where attendees were able to strengthen their relationships with Huawei and each other while learning more about potential business development pathways. Representatives from Turnkey Communication Services Public Co., Ltd. and WNP World Wide Co., Ltd. commented on their ongoing partnerships with Huawei and the lessons they learned.

Dr. Panupat Poocharoen, Telecom Director of Turnkey Communication Services Public Co., Ltd., commented: “During periods of crunch, we’ve had to roll out numerous sites for our customers together with Huawei. Through this, we realized that delivery quality and self-improvement are keys to success. Delivery quality is crucial as it ensures customer satisfaction, reduces the need for reworks, and enhances the reputation of organizations. Meanwhile, personal growth is also essential for team leaders and project managers as it helps enhance their skills and knowledge to become more effective leaders and drive positive change within teams and projects.”

Mrs. Wachiraporn Juntasorn, General Manager of WNP World Wide Co., Ltd. said: “A culture of safety is a journey, not a destination, and is one that requires continuous diligence. We have provided installation services for Thailand’s telecommunication network and systems since 2013, and have supported Huawei Thailand for almost 10 years under several scopes, such as transmission products, IPRAN, DWDM, core networks, fiber broadband, telecom equipment, and enterprise. As subcontractor service providers, we always emphasize a strong safety awareness in our company that is reflected in our project delivery.”

Through this convention, Huawei aims to reaffirm its continued commitment to collaborating with local partners in order to strengthen ICT ecosystems and empower overall business growth in Thailand. Huawei greatly appreciates the efforts of its Thai partners that are helping drive digital transformation in the country, pushing Thailand to become a sustainable digital hub of ASEAN in line with Huawei’s vision to ‘Lead Everyone Forward, Leave No One Behind’.