Infinite Borders brings Fireworks & more to its 2024 Spring Festival Event on February 9

The festive event features new battles, garish revelries and amazing rewards!

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999) is proud to announce that the Spring Festival event in Infinite Borders begins on February 9 and will bring new challenges, content, and giveaways to the grand strategy game for PC and mobile devices.

Infinite Borders can be downloaded here:

Infinite Borders is one of the most popular grand strategy games in Asia and since recently also available to players worldwide on their mobile devices or on PC via Steam. In Infinite Borders, you will lead armies in the Three Kingdoms era, forming teams of powerful generals and facing enemy forces in battle, using your tactical knowledge and the skills of your soldiers to win the day.

Infinite Borders presents a level playing field, where you cannot pay to win. Also, the game is not just about combat, as you can manage your personal estate, gather resources, and play different roles in your path to victory, whether that involves outmaneuvering enemies on the battlefield or turning them into friends via diplomacy.

As dragons dance in the air to usher in the New Year, the Infinite Borders team expresses their heartfelt wishes for good health and success to its community. To this end, we’ve brought you a preview of the special events planned for the upcoming Spring Festival.

Once players have reached a Historical Force Value of 200 or more in Infinite Borders, they’ll be able to participate in the Spring Festival event, starting with the Firework Celebration, which runs from February 9-10. During this time, players can buy or obtain customizable Fireworks from Jade-type card packs.

Infinite Borders shines at mass-battles on the historical stage. To this end, the Spring Festival will see the Perilous Breakthrough event run from February 9-19. During Perilous Breakthrough, new campaigns will be unlocked every two days. Attempting the campaigns daily during the Perilous Breakthrough event can earn the player currency, equipment, buildings, and teams, as well as upgrades to in-game attributes.

The New Year’s Elemental Chess event will also run from February 9-19. Throughout this event, the Formation Tactics, Vastly Wealthy, Fierce Battles, and City Battle events will be available on a rotating schedule. Participating in these will earn you Event Points, which aren’t reset during the rotation. During New Year’s Elemental Chess, you can also use the Family Tour function for free.

The Welcome Spring Greetings event will run from February 9-19, and it will allow you to interact with the rulers of thirteen states in Infinite Borders. Make sure to participate with the Jie-Chen New Year Greetings to earn a Limited Edition 5-star [New Year Maid], and getting involved in New Year Greetings every day will earn you Jade and Lucky Coin Rewards. And there is a chance to obtain the [Time-limited New Year Maid Emoji].

The Beauty Card Pack event will run from February 9-19 and you’ll have to chance to add powerful maidens to your army. During this event, each recruitment will earn you a 4-5-star Female Famous General. Card Packs can be recruited up to 10 times (including free and half-price recruitment times) and Hero Cards recruited at full-price can be converted into Portrait Points.

One of the final events of the Infinite Borders Spring Festival is Lantern Trivia, which runs from February 23-25. This involves trying to answer 5 different Lantern Riddles daily. If you correctly answer 8 riddles, you’ll earn exclusive Chat Bubble rewards.

These are just some of the celebrations and events planned for the Spring Festival in Infinite Borders. There will be even more battles to win, warriors to recruit, and parties to be held on the field of victory, as the Spring Festival takes off. So, make sure to follow Infinite Borders’ social media channels to keep up to date regarding everything happening in the game.

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